Looking for phone service for your office or business? Sick of things not working poorly or not being able to talk to customer support? You have come to the right place! I mean not get more of the same thing that frustrates you, but rather offer you a much better experience with phone service hosted from our own server in the cloud or using NEC’s infrastructure.

If you use just need phone call and voicemail capability, we would be happy to sign you up to our service. However, if you want to be able to use a softphone app, desktop app, video, SMS/chat, zoom type meeting and video conferences, file sharing/collaboration, we recommend you come onboard to NEC.

Basic Features:
* Call handling – Receive and make calls. Callflow custom made to business needs.
* Voicemail – Multiple mailboxes with voicemail in email.
* Auto Attendant – menus with prompts (press 1 for english, etc)
* Scheduling – Day/Night/Holiday scheduling (different call flow)
* Single Number Reach – simultaneously ring multiple devices including cell phones
* Paging Groups – broadcast over speakerphone and overhead speakers
* Pickup Groups – pick up other phones ringing
* Call Transfer – transfer calls to other phones or voicemail
* Monitor Lines – receptionist or manager can monitor status of a line (busy, on hook, etc)
* Multiple Call Handling and Hold – Be able to handle and manage multiple calls on a phone plus put calls on hold and resume.
* Hunt Groups – Ring multiple phones simultaneously or staggered (phone 1 then phone 2 then voicemail if no one picks up call)
* Speed Dials – Simply use a button to dial an often used contact

Cisco UC540

Old Fashioned PBX

Ok so, you want to go old school with an on premise phone system? No problem! We still offer the Cisco PBX with Cisco phones. The phone system will accept whatever phone lines you currently have, be it analog POTS lines (FXO), PRI, or Sip Trunk.